Saké is the fastest-growing alcoholic drink in the country. And Oregonians consume a lot of it, falling just behind New York and California.

“The artisanal saké segment is really what leads the imports. Jizaké – saké made by small producers — is growing very fast.” -Henry Sidel, founder of New York’s Joto Saké importing company.

Saké is a unique beverage. It’s brewed more like a beer, but is perceived more like a wine. Premium saké (Ginjo and Daiginjo) is a relatively new product and has only been able to be consistently produced since the advent of the industrial revolution and ability to polish the grains of rice to ferment the pure starch center.

At Brewery Consultant Group we draw from over 20 years combined experience running both a professional saké kura and professional beer brewery. We understand the importance of efficiency and precision while maintaining the integrity and heritage of saké. We have worked with our engineers and fabricators to offer a small footprint, turnkey saké brewing system. We can also assist sourcing rice and Koji.

At BRG we can help you develop your jizake from the ground up – From identifying a suitable water source, to sizing and installing your equipment, training your brewers and sourcing ingredients.