We engaged Tomas’ Consulting Group to assist with our start-up brewery. Tomas helped us develop a sense of our target market and ideal brewing system. Tomas has helped us choose equipment, negotiate with our target fabricators and suppliers and he is responsive to our changing needs. Tomas has created our financial plans and profit projections and his group is also working with us to design our brewery from a physical layout and operational level. As we get closer to opening Tomas has been there to assist us with everything.

– Alan Fawcett
Daytona Beach Brewing Company

I have witnessed Tomas Sluiter in action and am impressed! Whether it be his creative, logical approach to business planning on new projects to the financial construction component for needed capital to bring it all together, his pragmatic approach solidifies the successful outcome.  Tomas’ years of experience in the brewing industry coupled with completion of numerous beer production and marketing curricula leaves little he hasn’t seen or encountered. This bodes well for him and his clients when considering cost projections, bureaucratic regulations and applications (TTB), equipment quality and capacity and the overall most efficient layout. I am glad to know Tomas and consider him a valuable resource.

Phil Allen
Commercial Banking Officer

Tomas is an extraordinary beer meister–from traveling the world in search of the best brewing techniques to understanding the chemistry of commercial beer production to knowing when to buy the right kind of hops. He is also a businessman who can spreadsheet calculations for everything from the beer production to running an efficient brewery/bar. He has all the skills anyone could ask for in a master of the craft, just taste one of his specialty brews, then ask him to break down the costs.

– JE Hibian
Former Small Business Development Center Advisor
Program Manager and Elearning Entrepreneur
Greater San Diego Area Management Consulting

“Tomas is deeply knowledgeable about the micro brewing industry. He combines this wisdom and his business acumen into thorough, analytical plans with proven results. If I wanted to open a brewpub, my first step would be engaging Tomas!”

– Keely Killpack
PhD People Firm LLC